Fundamental Studies of Clay and Clay-Rich Mineral Reactions with H20-CO2 Fluids: Applications to Geological Sequestration

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The objective of the project is to develop the broad fundamental understanding needed to predict the potential impact that swellable caprock clays can have on the long-term seal integrity of both the caprock and well-bore seals. The response of typical reservoir clay materials to representative reservoir fluids at actual below-ground conditions will be investigated in a systematic fashion for the first time using a specialized microreaction systems which allow studies under in situ conditions to remove any doubts that sample quenching has impacted the observations. This will allow the development of reliable models of the geochemical and geophysical interactions of the injection fluid with clay minerals and allow an assessment of the impact of their swelling/shrinkage on the integrity of geological reservoirs.
Effective start/end date4/1/109/29/12


  • DOE: Chicago Service Center: $595,875.00


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