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From Today's PM to the Future's Project LeaderManager (PLM) From Today's PM to the Future's Project Leader/Manager (PLM) Leadership competencies will augment the many traditional management competencies already captured in the CII best practices. The proposed core research objective will be to assess the leadership / management relationships of todays PMs, and propose a future blend indicating which leadership abilities should be emphasized at various career milestones. While management skills will be identified, we would leave it to others to address how to learn and apply them. The focus of this research will be on how to learn and apply the critical leadership dimensions. The research would also identify and profile leadership abilities of future PMs at different points in their career and devise methods to transfer leadership principles to individuals in the field as well as to university graduates pursuing a career in the construction industry. Leadership education will make the PLMs more valuable and thereby create a larger pool from which to draw when developing corporate succession plans. Depending on the available time, research team interest and their willingness to devote the necessary time, it may be possible to also determine how the current and future leadership/management blend and emphasis would vary in relationship to project size, location, and complexity. If PMs active in different cultures could participate by taking advantage of their periodic visits to their headquarters, it may be conceivable to extend this research to explore desirable leadership/management profiles in diverse culturesperhaps in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. A limitation may be the ability of the CII Research team members to become rapidly proficient in applying existing Profiling tools and interpreting collected data. Travel expenses could also be a limitation when video-teleconferencing needs to yield to face-to-face interaction.<
Effective start/end date1/15/103/31/13


  • University of Texas-Austin: Construction Industry Institute: $198,367.00


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