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Fostering Vietnams entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem Fostering Vietnams entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem Planning, organizing and implementing multiple events focused on the development of Vietnams entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. There will be two 1-day events that bring together US experts with Vietnam industry, entrepreneurs, makers, academic, and government leaders to identify challenges and prioritize actionable policy and activities that promote a growing ecosystem throughout Vietnam. The goal of this project is to catalyst the entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) ecosystem at its fundamental level the makers as opposed to working at the enterprise startup level, which requires a solution (product or service) to have already been defined. An important element of this project is that it brings educators into the mix as they can, and should, provide educational experiences to foster future E&I doers and leaders.
Effective start/end date9/28/169/30/17


  • US Department of State (DOS): $35,000.00


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