Foothills Community Foundation's Needs Analysis (ASUF 30006311)

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Foothills Community Foundation's Needs Analysis (ASUF 30006311) FCF - Needs Assessment The proposed partnership will be developed under the Asset-Based Community Development model. Under this model, communities are envisioned as holding a wealth of aspirations, as well as a plethora of diverse assets to achieve these aspirations. The role of an outside resource (such as the College of Public Programs) is to work with the community to crystallize its aspirations, and to identify these assets as resources for growth. Thus, it is the community not the that establishes its own vision of an ideal it wishes to achieve. And, it is the community not that mobilizes its assets to achieve its ideal. Toward this end, the College of Public Programs will help the Foundation assets, and work with community members and institutions to assemble those assets into self-generating systems for producing growth, overcoming obstacles, and producing desired change.
Effective start/end date8/15/147/31/15


  • Foothills Community Foundation: $19,883.00


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