Flow, Deposition, and Erosion of Fine-Grained, Recirculation Eddy Bars Resulting From Beach Habitat Building Flows

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Glen Canyon Dam operations under the current Record of Decision (ROD) restrict the rate of discharge increases and decreases, and one of the reasons for these restrictions is to limit sandbar erosion. While failure of steep beaches during a rapid downramp is likely, the rate of sediment mass loss for moderately-sloped beaches under differing dam operation scenarios remains largely unknown. This question is critical to minimizing the mass loss during daily fluctuating flows and following high flows. Previous research has resulted in the creation of a computer model to predict the stability of beach faces under differing dam operation scenarios. Validation of the stability model and incorporation of the stability model into a morphological eddy sandbar model is critical for predictive application to Grand Canyon sand bars.
Effective start/end date9/19/056/30/11


  • DOI: US Geological Survey (USGS): $124,077.00


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