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Flinn Foundation - Arizona SciTech Festival Flinn Foundation - Arizona SciTech Festival A robust evaluation plan will help to validate/refute realization of key festival goals, especially those related to audience interest in science, STEM as a brand in Arizona and the festival serving as a gravitational center to convene various stakeholders around STEM. Strong data will support future opportunities and growth of the festival related to collaborators and funds. The festival has composed a world-class evaluation team composed of Dr. Richard Toon (ASU Museum Studies), Dr. Laura Martin (Arizona Science Center), Ashlan Falletta-Cowden (Doctoral Candidate, ASU Museum Studies), John Willie (Creative Engine), Dr. Karen Peterman (Peterman Consulting Group) and Dr. John Falk (international leader in informal science education). The evaluation plan will focus on primary main strategies: 1. Festival to Audience brief surveys will be collected at 30+ festival events (~9000 total) and followed-up with a more extensive questionnaire online (~300 total). In addition, the general public awareness of the festival will be evaluated with a survey to the general public through behavioral research. 2. Festival to Collaborator A total of 14 interviews were conducted in July with key community stakeholders to help establish a baseline and program branding. This group along with 10+ additional stakeholders will be interviewed to assess attitudes post festival. In addition, surveys will be administered to some of the 350+ collaborating organizations to assess the overall valueadded of the festival enterprise. 3. Festival to Community Surveys from collaborators will be utilized to assess the overall economic impact of the festival and ability to leverage seed investments of festival sponsors.
Effective start/end date7/22/1112/31/12


  • Flinn Foundation: $50,000.00


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