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Fleet Transition Planning Fleet Transition Planning The City of Glendale maintains a large vehicle fleet of over 1,200 vehicles, trailers and other maintenance equipment. The city is committed to taking action to decrease their fossil fuel consumption and maintenance costs by transitioning a portion of their fleet to electric vehicles (EVs). In order to accomplish this task, Glendale will need to invest in the upfront costs for vehicle charging stations, electrical upgrades, and changes to their maintenance program. Students will address a wide range of research questions to provide background information that will support this transition. Students will produce recommendations and plans around topics such as charging stations, public relations, strategic partnerships, finances/budgeting, maintenance, and lessons from other communities. The final result should assist Glendale in their goal to transition their fleets passenger vehicles to EVs, and set up their facilities to support these new vehicles.
Effective start/end date1/7/198/16/19


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $3,750.00


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