Fast Voltage Collapse

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Fast Voltage Collapse Fast Voltage Collapse This project aims to develop an optimal dynamic and static VAr planning tool capable of handling fast voltage collapse and slow voltage recovery problems associated with induction motor based loads. Reactive reserves at major generating sources and system locations are a critical indicator of voltage stability on the system short term operation. A mix of static and dynamic reactive power support should be available from a combination of key on-line dynamic reactive power sources and automatically switched static reactive power sources. In addition, the relative importance of each source must be clearly identified to reflect its contribution to the overall system reserves. The aim is to capture the relative importance of all system elements in the context of voltage stability analysis and to infer the interplay or correlation between the available reactive power sources, the weak system locations and voltage stability margins. Current criteria to allocate VAr resources appear to be case or system dependent. Experience with the study of complex systems reveals that V-Q -and other power flow program based analysis results can be misleading, causing over-design or overly conservative operation. In particular, no specific methodology to deal with the broad issues of static and dynamic reserve management and allocation is readily available.
Effective start/end date8/2/104/6/11


  • Electric Power Research Institute: $119,423.00


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