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The Family Migration Context and Early Life Outcomes (FAMELO) program project is composed of three interrelated research projects that assess the role of migration on children and adolescents in communities of origin. The unique contributions of the proposed projects include (1) a comparative focus on child socialization and development, (2) a comprehensive view of migration within the family life course that incorporates the timing, duration and scope of moves, and (3) coordination of interdisciplinary research teams that include expertise in migration, child development, education, life course transitions and health in three different settings. By focusing on different developmental outcomes and transitions, the projects combine to create a more holistic view of migration in shaping family environments and opportunities from childhood through the transition to adulthood. The settings compared in each project evidence high levels of labor migration while at the same time each represents a different set of social and institutional conditions for child development and opportunities for transitions during adolescence and into adulthood. The FAMELO program project consists of two cores (Administration and Data Collection and Data Management) as well as three research projects. Personnel at Arizona State University are involved in several aspects of the FAMELO program project including the two cores and three research projects. Specifically, the scope of work for ASU personnel involved in the FAMELO project includes: Year I: Support work of the Administration core (Lara). Lead the instrument development for items particular to Project Is specific aims to be implemented in all three research sites (Bradley & Wilkens). Support instrument development for Projects II and III with particular emphasis on adolescent school engagement and aspirations (Santos). Oversee the subaward for the full survey data collection in Jalisco Mexico (IMEG Marsiglia, Ritland and Johnson). Year II: Support work of the Administration core (Lara) by helping to coordinate a workshop to be attended by project personnel, consultants and external advisors. Analyze data from the full survey collected in year 2 in all three sites (Bradley, Wilkens & Santos). Oversee the subaward for the recontact survey planned for year 3 in Jalisco Mexico (IMEG Marsiglia, Ritland and Johnson). Year III: Support work of the Administration core (Lara). Refine any items needed for the full follow up survey specific to the goals of Project I (Bradley & Wilkens). Help refine any follow up items specific to Projects II and III (Santos). Oversee the subaward for the full follow-up survey data collection in Jalisco Mexico (IMEG Marsiglia, Ritland and Johnson). Year IV: Support the dissemination activities of the Administration core (Lara). Analyze data for Project I (Bradley & Wilkens) and Projects II & III (Santos). Participate in final data cleaning and analyses of data from the Jalisco site (IMEG, Marsiglia, Ritland and Johnson).
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/22


  • HHS-NIH: National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD): $1,409,892.00


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