Facility Support: The Arizona State University SIMS Laboratories

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Facility Support: The Arizona State University SIMS Laboratories Facility Support: The Arizona State University SIMS Laboratory We request renewed support from the National Science Foundation for the Arizona State University SIMS facility. During the current funding cycle (January, 2007 through December 2009) we have helped numerous visitors obtain high-quality data resulting in ~90 publications and presentations. We want to continue this support, and add functionality through further simplifying of analytical protocols, and testing novel approaches to analysis. Training of operators (at many skill levels) will continue to be an important aspect of our approach to facility management as well as teaching about the sputtering process itself. The facility contains two Cameca ion microanalyzers (IMS 6f, IMS 3f) as well as a time-of-flight instrument (TOF-SIMS) and an SEM for sample characterization. The IMS 6f is a small-frame instrument with excellent specifications for sample chamber vacuum (enabling H, C and O analyses), transmission, mass resolution and lateral resolution. The IMS 3f also has very good analytical capabilities but is particularly valuable as a test-bed for unusual analyses and technique development and for training users. ASU has long been a leader in SIMS analyses and collaborations; renewing this national facility allows us to continue to share this expertise with the broader scientific community.
Effective start/end date6/15/109/30/15


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $970,258.00


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