Extending Dose Index Tracking System

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Extending Dose Index Tracking System Extending Dose Index Tracking system with multiple modalities Case Study Editing Engine Statement of Work Teresa Wu, Ph.D. Arizona State University As the director of Collaborative Decision and Informatics Laboratory at School of Computing, Informatics, Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University, Dr. Wu has over 12 years research experience in decision support and information system. For this project, Dr. Wu will advise one Ph.D. student to develop case study editing engine which will serve two main purposes: 1) An easier way to generate consistently formatted interesting case documents for academic and clinical/conference purposes across the MCA radiology department. 2) A streamlined backend for porting raw radiology report and patient information into polished learning tools. The specific tasks are: 1) Routinely monitoring a folder (local or networked) for new or modified spreadsheets (csv or xls) containing case information (spreadsheets will be generated by multiple users and programs and will not have uniform formatting) 2) Allowing for direct import of additional, raw (spreadsheet) data through the web interface either through a file upload or pasting data into text field(s) 3) Automatically incorporating data from the folder into a consistently formatted database and assigning a case identifier 4) Facilitating retrieval of any data in the database through an editing webpage 5) Allowing for editing of fields and addition of new data through the webpage 6) Exporting of formatted data through the webpage (e.g., as a pdf
Effective start/end date12/1/138/29/14


  • Mayo Clinic Arizona: $15,000.00


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