Exploring the Role of Computational Adaptive Expertise in Design and Innovation

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    The project has made good progress since the start of the grant. We have conducted studies in three different design courses, analyzed project work from first-year, intermediate, and senior design students in multiple disciplines. In addition, we have held two advisory board meetings and obtained critical feedback that helped shape the progression of the project. Morover, we have published several articles and made several presewntaitons at a variety of venues. In particular, our project work has been twice nominated for a best paper award in the design and engineering education division of ASEE. PI The project is completing the last round of data collection in a biomedical engineering senior design course. The experimental proceduere has been modilfied based on the findings from our first round of data collection. These porcdures are currently being refined as we proceed with data collection. Once the final data has been collected at the end of winter quarter (December 2010) we will begin analysis of the data. The final work to be accomplished after we finalize data collection is to analyze the data, interpret the results, present findings at two upcoming conferences, and write final journal articles that summarize the project work. Note that all of the remaining data is qualitative in nature so data analysis will be labor and time intensive. PI
    Effective start/end date8/31/1012/31/13


    • National Science Foundation (NSF): $135,979.00


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