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Under this agreement high-fidelity imaging spectroscopy (IS) and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) will be collected and analyzed to map the severity of drought-related effects across all major vegetation types in California as described in Asner et al. (2015). In addition to acquiring the IS and LiDAR data over the flightline transects, data will be acquired for three focal areas, budget permitting. The focal areas are on the SEKI (Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP), Dinkey (Sierra NF) and Sagehen EF (Tahoe NF) flightboxes. These focal areas were chosen because extensive plot-based data exists for these areas. A key monitoring component of project is the development of canopy water content (CWC) and progressive water stress (PWS) mapping products for 2016. As part of the investigation, opportunities for improved model fitting will be explored and tree mortality will be examined in the focal areas identified above. The images and data summaries that reflect current forest conditions in drought impacted areas will be made available to both the Remote Sensing Lab and CAL FIRE to support planning by the Tree Mortality Task Force
Effective start/end date9/1/2112/31/21


  • USDA: Forest Service (FS): $91,779.00


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