Evaluation of the Arizona Department of Corrections Mental Health and Restrictive Housing Status Programs

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The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) has implemented two promising programs to address inmates who are mentally ill and inmates who commit a serious assault while incarcerated at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence, Arizona. Inmates who commit an act of aggravated assault in the general population are placed in a Restrictive Status Housing Program designed to change the attitudes and behaviors of these inmates with the goal of reduced future assaults on staff and inmates. Inmates who have been identified as having increased needs due to mental health or behavioral issues are placed into a Mental/Behavioral Health Program with the goal of improved overall functioning and a successful return to the general population. Anecdotally, both programs seem to be working, and they present an intriguing approach to improving in-prison and post-prison inmate behavior. The current project will perform a more rigorous analysis to determine whether these programs improve inmates across a range of outcomes (e.g., reduced self-harm and improved social skills in the mental health program; reduced misconduct and improved decision-making in the restrictive housing program). Inmates who have participated in the respective programs will be analyzed to determine whether their behavior has improved 180 days and 360 days after programming.
Effective start/end date6/1/153/1/16


  • Arizona Department of Corrections: $45,000.00


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