Evaluation of Pavement Installations, Corps of Engineers Study

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Evaluation of Pavement Installations, Corps of Engineers Study Evaluation of Pavement Installations, Corps of Engineers Study The contractor (ASU) will conduct a feasibility study of using unsaturated soil modeling for Military Airfield Pavement Design. Using results from recent advances in modeling of partially saturated soils, the contractor will evaluate the use of this advanced technology to improve military design and evaluation techniques by predicting moisture conditions under airfield pavements. The contractor shall utilize results from recently completed evaluations (AASHTO sponsored work on the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide for Highway Pavement) in completing this task. This study will evaluate the feasibility o f extending this type of pavement design techniques to Airfield Pavements. Specific tasks include: - Evaluate results of recently completed studies in this field to assess how well or poorly it is able to predict moisture conditions beneath Military Airfield Pavements. The evaluations shall take into consideration pavement installations in all climatic conditions (dry, wet, hot and cold), except for frost conditions. - Air Force Criteria mandates the use of high capacity drainage layers under primary airfield pavements but an explicit value for this has not been ascertained. The contractor shall assess if it is feasible to use this modeling technology to provide an assessment of benefits gained by this investment in high capacity drainage layers. The contractor shall complete its assessment and provide results in the form of a letter report and to Dr. Ray Rollings.
Effective start/end date11/1/118/6/12


  • DOD-ARMY: Army Corps of Engineers (USACE): $25,000.00


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