Evaluation and Monitoring of Arizona Project Safe Neighborhoods

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Evaluation and Monitoring of Arizona Project Safe Neighborhoods Evaluation and Monitoring of Arizona Project Safe Neighborhoods ASUs Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety (CVPCS) will serve as the research partner for the proposed project. It has substantial experience in serving as a research partner for such projects. In the past several years, for example, it has served as a federally funded research partner for the Glendale and Phoenix Police Department BJA SMART policing initiatives, the Glendale and Scottsdale Police Departments problem-oriented policing initiatives, the Chandler Police Department zero-tolerance project, Phoenix TRUCE (i.e., CeaseFire), and the Mesa Police Departments Gang Intervention Project. Of importance to the proposed project, CVPCS has evaluated prior projects related to the implementation Arizona and Nevada Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) projects and a pulling levers strategy implemented by the Glendale Police Department. The PPD and CVPCS have a long history of successful and productive partnerships. For example, CVPCS served as the research partner for examining the impact of sex offender clustering in the City of Phoenix, helped establish an early warning system for PPD to identify problem officers, and helped evaluate strategic problem solving projects for the PPD. Additionally, CVPCS has partnered with PPDs Professional Standards Bureau to review off-duty employment practices and procedures. Currently, PPD and CVPCS are working together on the above mentioned BJA SMART policing project and on the development of a Center for Arizona Police Leadership. ASU and the partnering agencies will work cooperatively on the implementation, data collection, and analysis strategy; and ASU will take the lead on the collection of any primary data not currently available within the agencies, as well as coordinating with the analysis units within each partner agency.
Effective start/end date10/1/149/30/17


  • US Department of Justice (DOJ): $117,306.00


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