Epitaxial Alkali Antimonide Photocathode Growth and Characterization

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1. Perform Cs3Sb growths on lattice-matched substrates using the cracker-based Sb source and Cs ions source provided by Euclid Beamlabs.
2. Characterize the films growth using EDX, AFM, KPFM, photoconductivity and measure QE spectral response.
3. Optimize film growth to minimize roughness and maximize lattice size based on input from the above characterization techniques.
4. Measure MTE as a function of the wavelength in the ASU DC gun for the films grown.
5. Guide Euclid in the design and commissioning of a cathode growth system compatible with the optimized recipe.
6. Measure the MTE of the cathodes grown at Euclid and transferred to ASU (using a vacuum suitcase) in the ASU DC gun.
Effective start/end date6/21/215/2/23


  • DOE: Office of Science (OS): $280,000.00


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