Environmental Assessment of High Speed Rail v Air Transport

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There is research underway through ACRP on the business analysis for linking high speed rail and air corridors in the U.S, and issues of complimentarity and competition between modes. However, this research does not extend to the analysis of environmental effects included in life-cycle costs for each or the non-monetary externalities of each. There is a need to understand the environmental effects of passenger travel using air corridors versus high-speed rail corridors in comparable markets. Europe and Japan have more mature passenger high speed rail systems that complement and compete with air travel corridors, and sponsors have undertaken analyses that provide some information on the analysis of climate (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions) life-cycle costs. Airport operators and rail system planners could use information experience from the US and abroad, gathered in one location to answer question posed by the interested public regarding environmental effects of high speed rail and air corridors for comparable markets. The objective of this report is to synthesize literature and information from experts that performed analyses regarding the analysis of environmental effects of high speed rail and air corridors. The intended audience for this report includes airport and rail planners.
Effective start/end date5/1/127/1/13


  • US Department of Transportation (DOT): $40,000.00


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