Enhancing the CALERIE Network to Advance Aging Biology

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Enhancing the CALERIE Network to Advance Aging Biology Enhancing the CALERIE Network to Advance Aging Biology The overall scope of this project is to create a sustainable resource that promotes use of samples and data from a randomized controlled trial of two years of calorie restriction versus ad libitum feeding with an overall goal of improving the understanding of aging biology and the potential healthy aging benefits of calorie restriction. As a scientist associated with one of the three original CALERIE clinical sites, Dr. Racette will offer input on all project areas designed to grow a network of investigators and data that better inform aging biology. Specifically, these responsibilities include reviewing and providing input on scientific projects that request use of CALERIE samples and resources for data analysis. This input will be delivered via monthly conference call meetings and all will require review in the interim. Additionally, Dr. Racette will attend annual CALERIE Network Workshops designed to promote the use of samples and data, brainstorm novel scientific projects in the areas of caloric restriction and aging biology, and contribute to the implementation of new projects. Expertise in the original design and conduct of the CALERIE intervention is critical to these project goals and functions.
Effective start/end date9/1/221/31/23


  • HHS: National Institutes of Health (NIH): $27,375.00


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