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Engaging American Indian and Alaska Native undergraduate students to explore barriers to and facilitators of their preprofessional advancement Cultivating a Community of Care: Amplifying the Voices of Native American The notion of Health Equity can and should include the issue of representation of racial and ethnic groups working within the healthcare system. There is profound underrepresentation of American Indian and Alaskan Natives (AI/ANs) in the healthcare workforce especially medicine and nursing which reflects institutional and structural inequities. These inequities have had detrimental effects on the care and experiences of AI/AN communities as well as policies and practices that impact physical and mental health outcomes for this specific patient population. Previous research in this area, as well as current pipeline programs and other diversity-focused programs have yet to move the needle on increasing the number of AI/AN medical and/or nursing students. We believe this is because these programs are working on the students, and not working with the students and their larger communities. Therefore, we propose a mixed-methods, multi-institutional multi-faceted Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) project that engages the community of AI/AN undergraduate students interested in medicine and nursing, as well as the local Tribal, academic, and clinical communities, to explore the barriers, hurdles, and facilitators these students face in their pre-professional pathways. This project engages AI/AN premed and undergraduate nursing students, active AI/AN medical and advanced nursing students, currently practicing AI/AN doctors and nurses, Tribal Community leaders and members, as well as key stakeholders in medical and nursing school advising and admissions, and larger health-oriented organizations such as the Association of Native American Medical Students, Association of American Indian Physicians, National Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association, as well as representatives from the Indian Health Service. Utilizing the CBPR approach, our goal is to work with these communities to provide a more holistic and encompassing understanding of the experiences of AI/AN premed and undergraduate nursing students at the individual (micro), organizational (meso), and societal (macro) levels.
Effective start/end date4/15/224/14/25


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $345,203.00


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