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Empowering Leadership to Transform Arizona's Water Future (ASUF 30007145 Water Consciousness Challenge resubmission Central Arizona is facing a water crisis but not one of water shortage. The Morrison Institutes Watering the Sun Corridor report suggests central Arizona has enough water to meet current and near future demands due to leadership over the last 100 years that planned supplies to meet demands despite growth and drought. However, central Arizona faces new challenges such as long term drought, climate change, and austere public finances. These challenges will require new approaches to water management ones that focus on choices and priorities. Last year AZ Central identified our true water crisis; a lack of leadership to plan our water future: Since the retirement of U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, no one in the Arizona congressional delegation could be considered an expert on water law. The Legislature, is nearly bereft of lawmakers who self-identify as water wonks. Arizona is blessed with a great many experts in water law and policy. But they are getting a little long in the tooth. Unfortunately our past success has made us complacent. Water is now taken for granted and few understand the issues of water management. The real issues are how we choose to use the water we have to sustain our economy, quality of life, and natural environment. This will not be easy and will require dedicated and knowledgeable leaders. We need to inspire and sustain new generations of water leaders to frame the problem in new ways and take on these challenges to plan sustainable water systems for the next 100 years. We propose to help inspire young community leaders to become more aware of water issues, how the economy, quality of life, and natural environment are dependent on water, and what tradeoffs are needed to sustain their future. We will create a Water Leadership Coalition that will provide young leaders an opportunity to have unique group hands-on experiences with managing water using a state-of-the-art immersive visualization tools to explore the complexity of water supply and demand.
Effective start/end date4/12/168/31/20


  • Arizona Community Foundation (ACF): $104,404.00


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