Emergency Planning for Arizona's Energy Infrastructure

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Emergency Planning for Arizona's Energy Infrastructure Emergency Planning for Arizona's Energy Infrastructure The , Arizona Energy Office (AEO) in coordination with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is engaged in emergency management planning as a significant portion of its Arizona State Energy Assurance Project (EA Project). The EA Project includes workshops involving AEO personnel, governmental, tribal and private sector stakeholders who will review the following; smart grid applications and vulnerabilities, critical infrastructure interdependencies, cyber security, energy supply systems, energy data analysis, and communications. Additionally, the EA Project aims to conduct a full review of the existing Arizona Energy Assurance plan along with the current State policies, procedures and practices that reflect a current energy assurance plan. The EA Project will also establish a near real time statewide energy tracking system, train appropriate personnel on the state-wide energy grid and how to execute the energy assurance plan in the event of an energy disruption. Lastly, the EA Project will evaluate Arizonas expanded energy disruption knowledge and abilities through two energy emergency exercises. The objectives of this initiative are to: 1) strengthen and expand State and local government energy assurance planning and resiliency efforts by incorporating response actions for new energy portfolios and Smart Grid applications; 2) create jobs, and 3) build in-house State and local government energy assurance expertise. The initiative focuses on building regional energy assurance capability to allow the State to better coordinate and communicate state-wide on energy security, reliability, and emergency response issues. The EA Project includes completion of 5 tasks: 1) Project Management Plan; 2) Workforce Development Plan; 3) Energy Assurance Planning; 4) Energy Supply Disruption Tracking Process; and 5) Energy Assurance Exercises. The Arizona State University (ASU) represents a major State of Arizona asset having diverse scientific and technological capabilities, and is a recognized key resource for assisting the AEO with completion of tasks 2, 3 and 5 identified for the EA Project. The ASU College of Technology and Innovations Department of Applied Science and Mathematics has assembled a team of ASU faculty subject matter experts encompassing the fields of emergency management, electricity networks, nuclear power generation, oil, natural gas and coal energy sources, public policy analysis and public health. Biographical sketches for the ASU faculty team are presented in Appendix A associated with this Scope of Work document. This agreement is to establish collaboration between the AEO and ASU to assist the AEO with the successful completion of tasks 2, 3 and 5 of the AEOs grant commitments to the DOE.
Effective start/end date10/7/108/4/13


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $425,110.00


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