EM Characterization of Honeycomb Core Materials

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EM Characterization of Honeycomb Core Materials EM Characterization of Honeycomb Core Materials The objective of this element of the EM Characterization of Core Materials effort is to perform electromagnetic (EM) testing on loaded honeycomb core and precursors in order to characterize and determine the uniformity of the EM properties for these materials. This SOW describes supplier tasks supporting s effort to determine the EM properties and variability of NGC supplied loaded honeycomb core materials. The suppliers role in this effort is to test NGC supplied honeycomb core and precursors over the frequencies of interest using multiple devices (i.e. Insertion Tunnel, Hollow Dielectric Pipe (HDP), EPOD, Impedance Analyzer, etc.), and demonstrate equivalency of these devices spanning frequencies where the measurement ranges overlap
Effective start/end date8/27/0912/31/10


  • DOD: Air Force (USAF): $150,000.00


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