Edcom - IP Network: Interaction Effect 20 - Seeding Collaborative UIA (ASUF30007083)

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Edcom - IP Network: Interaction Effect 20 - Seeding Collaborative UIA (ASUF30007083) Winner #3: "Ed.com" - IP Network: Interaction Effect 2.0 - Seeding Collaborative Infrastructure and Incentivizing Connectivity The investment will support the design, launch, and population of a web based diffusion portal inspired by some of the design principles of TED.com and Khan Academy. The portal will utilize existing video platforms (like YouTube and vimeo) and will be a skin website portal (similar to how TED.com incorporates videos from YouTube, but applies an algorithm, tagging mechanism, and curates talks by theme and other categories.) This portal will be designed to support student success innovation/change management lessons learned/intervention sharing and the transfer of ideas within the national higher education community. Videos shared will be: short, dynamic content rich, filled with wisdom, best practices, and proven concepts concisely put into in short 7 minute talks. The portal will feature crowdsourcing (upvoting) and hashtagging (curation into topics/themes/practitioner role/etc) to highlight the best/most watched videos, and videos will be tagged for their topics and focus. This website will be designed in an open manner that would give any campus/leader/administrator a space to share content, and would be moderated by the community. The vision would be that that higher education practitioners go to this site to share, learn, and engage with bigger ideas that serve student success, and the place that success in higher education goes to scale. Under each video, example documents, templates, follow up information would be shared in a manner that any administrator could take an idea that inspires them (via the 7 minute talk) and follow through with the transfer or emulation of that idea. Social media sharing/discussion would also be listed underneath the videos- enabling administrators inspired by the same concept or idea to connect, ask questions, and support each other.
Effective start/end date4/1/169/30/17


  • Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation: $75,000.00


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