Economic Analysis for the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program

Project: Research project

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The objectives of this project are to 1) provide research assistance for the design and implementation of the proposed brown trout incentivized harvest pilot program; 2) facilitate data collection efforts during the pilot; and, 3) analyze the data generated during the pilot to provide insights into the efficacy of the program as well as to inform possibilities for future research. In order to accomplish these objectives, we will assist with the development of data collection and research support protocols. We plan to collaborate with parties at the Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GCNRA) while they are designing certain program elements (e.g., the payment structure) in order to influence the amount and type of data (and thus, what might be learned about the pilot program through data analysis) that emerges from the pilot.
Effective start/end date5/1/204/30/25


  • DOI: US Geological Survey (USGS): $38,000.00


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