Ebeam Sterilization Compatibility and Dose Rate Investigation

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Ebeam Sterilization Compatibility and Dose Rate Investigation Ebeam Sterilization Compatibility and Dose Rate Investigation Deliverables The purpose of this RPS is to explore and understand the nature of radiation damage in Medtronic integrated circuits in an effort to recommend actions for part hardening and effects mitigation after ionizing radiation exposures. This project combines taking experimental data, analysis, and some computer modeling to examine how and when specific circuit components cease to function properly after radiation exposure. This RPS is broken into specific tasks to be completed as detailed below. Each deliverable, to be provided by ASU to Medtronic, has an estimated completion date noted. Progress against these deliverables will be reviewed using a report provided by ASU on a monthly basis. 1. Development of a detailed test plan, for execution by ASU, to test Medtronic integrated circuits using ASUs Cobalt-60 Gamma Cell irradiation chamber. Devices will be stress stepped in the radiation chamber then annealed in an oven to complete capture the damage. This step is contingent on meeting with Mohsen Askarinya to clarify desired test parameters. If possible, radiation testes will be performed at both room and below room temperature (3/22/2013). 2. Compile data obtained from the execution of the experiment. Data will be organized in a fashion that is conducive for easy verification and surface analysis. (4/12/2013) 3. Generate a report covering the analysis of the data. The analysis will focus on which circuit components are the most susceptible to radiation damage and explain how that radiation damage occurred. (5/10/2013) 4. Recommendations on how to proceed in ongoing Ebeam sterilization research. (5/24/2013) 5. Modify the existing TCAD model and rerun to match the 2 electrical connection conditions available in the experimental dose rate data. Report on the ratio of the predicting photocurrents. (3/1/2013) RPS #13-1 Page 2 of 3 6. Simulate selected IC using compact models developed in previous dose rate analysis work. (5/1/2013) 7. Documentation of dose rate simulation techniques to allow for simulation of any other future or existing circuit designs in the 0.25um HV technology. (5/24/13) Proposed Visitor(s) During Research No visitors to the ASU research labs are planned for this project. Payment Schedule One payment of $$19,307 (100% of total) will be made prior to commencement of the project (i.e., prior to 2/18/2013). Equipment Purchases and Ownership No equipment is to be purchased by either party for this project.
Effective start/end date2/28/135/26/13


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $19,307.00


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