EAGER: Stress Sensitive Smart Particles for Investigating Damage Initiation in Polymer Composites

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Intellectual Merit. A novel multifunctional composite material with self-sensing capabilities is proposed for identifying damage initiation and propagation for civil infrastructure applications. We will synthesize multifunctional core-shell composite particles, composed of a polymeric core and an inorganic shell, which are responsive to stress, humidity/temperature, degradation, etc. The proposed research focuses on understanding the chemistry, physics, and structure/property relationship of the smart composite particles. We will also embed the synthesized smart composite particles into composites to understand the mechanics of damage initiation through the length scales and monitor/sense damage evolution. The project includes the following innovative/unique aspects: 1) the proposed smart composite particles are hybrid and multifunctional; 2) the novel synthesis route enables versatility which provides platforms for various applications; 3) the multifunctional properties such as changes in color and conductivity will be exploited to provide information on damage initiation and propagation; 4) the integration of particle synthesis, characterization, sensing/monitoring in polymer composites will provide key information to improve assumptions/constitutive relations used in multiscale modeling; 5) the multifunctionality explores next generation intelligent material with potentially optimized self-sensing, thermal, electrical, and future self-healing properties. The research output is expected to make a significant impact in a number of new and aging civil infrastructure applications where composite structures are currently inspected with low resolution techniques. The proposed research will be divided into two primary tasks: Task 1: Synthesis and Characterization of Smart Composite Particles; Task 2: Fabrication, Response and Self-sensing of Fatigue Damage in Smart Polymer Composites.
Effective start/end date9/1/122/28/14


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $50,000.00


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