DURIP: Multi-Core Hardware for High Performance Atmospheric Characterization and Forecasting

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This proposal requests DURIP funds for the acquisition of a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster to develop new research capabilities in areas central to DoD science and technology. The cluster will support research projects currently funded by AFOSR, advancing high resolution numerical simulations that impact on the development of the next generation numerical atmospheric turbulence prediction codes for the coupled troposphere/lower stratosphere. This acquisition will involve a collaborating group, ASUs Fulton High Performance Computing Initiative (HPCI), to insure that the acquired system is properly designed, configured, maintained, and utilized. The HPCI will collaborate with the PIs in two important areas: adapting the simulation software being produced in these efforts to next generation multi-core and many-core CPU architectures, and in providing multi-disciplinary training in high performance computing and computational science to students working in the AFOSR project teams. The requested funds of $249,944 will procure a Linux cluster system with 512 processor cores and 1TB of memory, connected via Infiniband high speed interconnects. Working closely with Dell, we have provided specifications for a system using the not-yet-released Intel Nehalem processors. With 8 processor cores per dual-chip node, this system is not only on a cutting edge high performance computing system, but an excellent prototype for the coming many-core systems. The PIs are committed to increasing the production of high quality, US citizen scientists and engineers suitable for the DoD S&T workforce, equipped with the cyber skills required for computational research. The PIs have had success in enticing top undergraduates to pursue graduate careers through joint projects with the HPC team. The proposed equipment will enhance this already productive collaboration. Current research with the lead Principal Investigator Prof. Mahalov is funded by AFOSR (contract number FA9550-08-1-0055).
Effective start/end date6/1/095/31/10


  • DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR): $249,944.00


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