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DOE "Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute" (NGPEMII) - "PowerAmerica" Clean Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) 1. PROJECT OVERVIEW The project goal is to design, build and validate medium voltage power converters using HV SiC devices. The objective of this Statement of Project Objectives (SOPO) is to outline a sequence of intermediate objectives and a process that will demonstrate progress towards that objective. The project is divided into two sequential efforts, termed Generation I (Gen I) and Generation II (Gen II). The sequence of steps in each is the same. The technical core development work is divided into four budget periods providing a logical roadmap towards achieving higher power and voltage for medium voltage drive and converter applications. An overarching management and system engineering task coordinates these efforts to ensure that the disparate research and development activities culminate in an integrated, effective, and scalable system that meets the project goal. High Performance Solar PV String and Micro Inverters
Effective start/end date2/1/151/31/20


  • DOE: Golden Field Office: $734,994.00


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