Discovery of Powerful Anticancer Drugs for Monoclonal Anticancer Drugs (ADC) Development Capable of Improving Cancer Treatments

  • Pettit, George (PI)

Project: Research project

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In the coming year about 600,000 people will die of cancer in the United States and approximately 10,000 in Arizona so the discovery and development of more effective and curative anticancer drugs is a Vital component in the global effort to address this devastating health problem. The objective of this research proposal is the discovery and development of promising new anticancer drugs with highly efficacious anticancer properties that offer the potential for ultimate clinical activity against human cancer. The discovery of new anticancer drugs with greatly increased selectivity and curative potential is urgently needed. Fortunately an exceptional recent advance in human cancer treatment has been achieved with our anticancer drug discovery necessary to development of the first successful antibody drug conjugate (ADCETRIS) for cancer treatment. The drug component of this ADC is desmethyl Auristatin E from our discovery of Auristatin E. The sharply focused objective of the proposed research will continue to be the discovery and preclinical development of new and structurally unique anticancer drugs. Special emphasis will be placed on discovery of such new drugs powerful enough to be the ADC drug candidates for linkage to a broad variety of monoclonal antibodies representing a spectrum of human cancer types
Effective start/end date10/23/1410/22/17


  • Arizona Department of Health Services: $750,000.00


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