Development of Real-Time Quantitative PCR Specific to Bacteroides 16S RRNA Genetic Markers

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Increased use of recycled wastewater for rrunicipal inlgation heightens the importance of accumte source tracking methods 10 differentiate sources 01 fecal contamnation In environmental samples. Bacteroides-specific molecular rrerkers and quantitative real-time PeR have been widely used to dlscrirrinate hUrnln fecal bacteria from olher sources, but crossreactivity of the human Bacteroides primers with canine, swine, and fish feces has been reported. Such cross-reactivity decreases the utility of published primen; and probes for source trecklng In many recreationalereas, as these walen; are often i"llacted by fish andl or dogs. Development of more specific sourc e tracking tools wIN allow accurale assessrrent or public health lTpacts resulling from the use of recycled water for municipal irrigation andl or aquifer recharge,
Effective start/end date9/30/088/14/10


  • USDA: Agricultural Research Service (ARS): $49,582.00


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