Development of a web-based writing partner (We-Write Persuasively) to improve writing persuasive essays for 5th grade students

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The goal of this project is the iterative development of an intervention that combines an intelligent web-based tutor with teacher and peer support to teach fifth grade students how to (a) write logical, coherent, and compelling persuasive arguments using knowledge about text structure and self-regulated strategy development (learning to write) and (b) how to use such writing as a tool for learning content material (writing to learn) in science and social studies content areas. Two sound evidence-based approaches, SRSD and ITSS, will be drawn from to create a unique, powerful, and new intervention with 20 web-based lessons (software and materials needed to implement it in fifth grade classes); a well-specified theory of change; a detailed description of what it means for the intervention and its components to be operating as intended; the development of fidelity measures to assess the implementation of the intervention; collection of data demonstrating that the intervention can be successfully implemented in fifth grade classes; and the collection of pilot data demonstrating that the intervention produces the intended beneficial outcomes for fifth grade students. We anticipate that after participating in WEWRITE - Persuasively, grade 5 students will (1) score at the proficient level or better when their persuasive writing is scored via NAEP guidelines, (2) evidence increased self-efficacy for writing, and (3) acquire greater content knowledge from text read.
Effective start/end date7/1/136/30/14


  • DOEd: Institute of Education Sciences (IES): $371,312.00


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