Development and Analysis of Non-Classical Numerical Approximation Methods

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The main objective of the proposed research is to integrate classical and computational analysis to achieve new foundational understanding and practical algorithmic methodology pertaining to problems which are characterized in such a way that they may be better served by a non-standard numerical approach. For example, the input data is sampled irregularly, or the application of interest has characteristic features or structures that may be better represented by something other than a standard basis. The project seeks to establish innovative methods which integrate theoretical and computational perspectives on interpolation and approximation that take stock of these important considerations right from the start. The proposed work is motivated by prevalent characteristics of real-world problems, including sensing, simulation, and control problems in domains of Air Force relevance.
Effective start/end date7/15/127/14/15


  • DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR): $261,631.00


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