Developing innovative bycatch reduction technologies

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Developing innovative bycatch reduction technologies Developing innovative bycatch reduction technologies "Our transdisciplinary, international team will educate, inspire, and empower fishers leaders in Baja California Sur, Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago to co-develop innovative solutions to reduce bycatch of endangered sea turtles, sharks, and mobula rays. We will expand on our previous DCF grant, which created the worlds first solar-powered illuminated fishing net, by increasing its ease of use and working with new fishers, in new locations, to develop additional bycatch reduction technologies. Notably, this project will help facilitate the establishment of a new study site in Trinidad and Tobago, where we will test the effects of solar-powered net illumination as well as low-profile gillnets on critically endangered leatherback turtle bycatch."
Effective start/end date10/15/2110/14/23


  • Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund: $50,000.00


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