Developing a Better Understanding of the Evolution of Water Resources in the ESRVAZ

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Developing a Better Understanding of the Evolution of Water Resources in the ESRVAZ SRP/ASU Cooperative Agreement (2011-2012) Developing a better understanding of the evolution of water resources in the East Salt River Valley, Arizona Sediment samples extracted from SRP wells contain a wealth of potential insight. Two new technologies developed over the last decade could provide insight into where the gravels in SRP wells came from and the ages of those gravels. This proposal requests $42,922to focus on the question of the origin of the Ancestral Salt River Deposits as defined by Laney and Hahn (1986). Cosmogenic burial dating using 10Be and 26Al in quartz can inform on when gravels were buried. Analyses of detrital zircons can inform on the source(s) of these gravels. The expected short-term results of the pilot study will provide ages for vertical sections of the gravels in the East Salt River Valley. These ages will give a more resolved picture of the rate of sedimentation at the well site. The detrital zircon data will provide comparative spectra that will more easily identify source areas of this sediment. Rock type provenance studies completed by Steve Skotnicki will provide the necessary insight to better interpret the detrital zircon results. A final report on the mineralogical, dating, and detrital zircon results will provide new insight and will constrain both the timing of deposition and the sources of sediment in the East Salt River Valley. The final report will explain where and how additional data could be collected to better refine the depositional history of the sediments that form the aquifers in the East Salt River Valley, and may provide a model for interpreting other basin-fill sequences in southern Arizona.
Effective start/end date10/1/144/30/16


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $42,922.00


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