Developemnt and Evaluation of e-Based Bio-Manufacturing Laboratory for Engineering Education

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Developemnt and Evaluation of e-Based Bio-Manufacturing Laboratory for Engineering Education Developemnt and Evaluation of e-Based Bio-Manufacturing Laboratory for Engineering Education In response to the challenge posed by the globalization trend of U.S. manufacturing industry, this project is designed to integrate bio-manufacturing lab courses using an information technology-based, real-world problem-solving-focused educational strategy into engineering curriculum, particularly, in the Professional Manufacturing Engineering Master Degree program. To date, the science of biotechnology is likely to be the first promising field in the first half of the 21st Century. There are a number of challenges facing the bio-manufacturing from industrial perspective. First, bio-manufacturing is a complex and technology-concentrated process, therefore, it requires a very specialized and experienced workforce. Secondly, upgrading traditional manufacturing education to bio-manufacturing education is extremely expensive given that a huge up-front investment on special equipment, operation and maintenance is required. The University of Texas at EI Paso (UTEP) has invested a great amount in developing an advanced manufacturing research facility, called the W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation. The Center focuses on biomedical engineering and manufacturing applications. In this project, we will formulate two geographically separated virtual teams between UTEP and Arizona State University (ASU), collaborating on a biomanufacturing project over the Internet. A realistic visual representation of remote laboratory will be developed along with the integration of an intelligent rapid prototype simulator and an e-based tutor system to provide necessary information to the remote users. Implementing a mixed method of research design, students and faculty involved in the project will be assessed in formative and summative formats to measure the efficacy of the project. The project is aimed to overcome the current limitations in online biomanufacturing laboratory education in order to support Professional Manufacturing Engineering Master Degree program in both schools. Successful completion of the project will lead to excellence in advanced engineering education and online learning. Laboratories can be shared between institutions with improved learning effectiveness, I hence mitigating problems in duplicating expensive lab resources. High number of graduate students can be enrolled in the bio-manufacturing lab courses without extra demands on equipment and need for additional faculty. The project will strengthen the engineering programs at both institutes and others.
Effective start/end date10/1/089/30/13


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $118,981.00


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