Design of Justice Center for the Colorado River Indian Tribes

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Design of Justice Center for the Colorado River Indian Tribes Design of Justice Center for the Colorado River Indian Tribes The scope of work is provided by Arizona State Universitys Design School to assist the Colorado River Indian Tribes with a design study for the new Justice Center. The center will house the Courts, Probation/Pre-Trial Services, Community Court, The Attorney Generals Office (civil and criminal), Public Defender and Legal aid Offices. Based on the letter provided by Judge Kings dated Jan 29, 2019, specific components may include: Two (2) Court rooms to accommodate jury trials, a space for the appellate court to hear cases, a hearing room, Court Clerk work areas, file storage, IT Server area, security command post, Jury assembly room, Jury rooms. Each of the Attorney Offices will need space as well. Holding cells that meets site and sound separations requirements. Break rooms. Needless to say, technology and security should be factored into the project. The ASU Design Team will work with Colorado River Indian Tribes community and leadership to co-create a solution that will fulfill current and future needs. By August 2019, we anticipate completing the Schematic Design phase for the project. The final deliverables will include a site plan (using professional surveyors), materials list, architectural plans, and a 3-D rendering of the justice center. In terms of engineering, the design team will solicit proposals from suitable engineering teams (structural, electrical and mechanical) to provide input on the schematic design. It is anticipated that the SME team will be fully engaged for the next phases of the project: Design Development and Construction Documents. We propose a number of meetings with the Colorado River Indian Tribes representative group during the spring term, and a few into the summer. The first, will be an initial design charette meeting, which will aim to understand overall goals related to culture, community, sustainability, infrastructure and budget, and include a site tour of the proposed site. The second meeting will allow the Colorado River Indian Tribes group to confirm the initial program (uses of each space), size of each space, adjacencies of all the components, and the overall siting of the proposed footprint of the building on the site. The third meeting will present preliminary schematic design concepts. A detailed schedule is provided below.
Effective start/end date4/15/1912/31/19


  • LOCAL: Indian Tribal Governmental Units: $50,000.00


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