Design Analysis and Prototype Suction Stabilized Floats (SSFs)

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Design Analysis and Prototype Suction Stabilized Floats (SSFs) Design Analysis and Prototype Suction Stabilized Floats (SSFs) Design Analysis and Prototype Suction Stabilized Floats (SSFs). Scope of Work: In this work, we will study SSFs designed by Mr. Jim Montgomery. Task 1 (3 Mo) Preliminary mathematical analysis of SSFs: Here we will use classical dynamics and fluid mechanics to study forces and moments on SSF. We will calculate bouncy forces, margin of stability and decide the shape of SSF. We will also make solid models and calculate moment of inertia in terms of design parameters. Deliverable: A detailed report, MATLAB or EXCEL program with calculations, solid models and drawings with preliminary dimensions. Task 2 (3 Mo) Design of SSF: Based on Task 1, we will design SSFs in collaboration with the Sponsor. We will propose candidate designs, create solid models and analyze them using a software program. Based on the feedback, the designs will be modified. Some preliminary computer simulations will be performed. Finally detailed production drawings and solid models will be prepared. Deliverables: A detailed Preliminary Design Report (PDR) with all drawings and models. Task 3 (6 Mo) Prototype and Testing: Based on the Sponsor feedback, we will prototype 1 system and test it for intended application. Based on the testing results design modifications will be carried out. Deliverables: 1 working prototype, Testing report and Specification Sheets. Note: We will also provide technical assistance with Mr. Montgomerys patent application during the project period. Cost of the project: 25k
Effective start/end date11/1/125/11/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $25,000.00


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