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Decision Support System for the San Juan River Basin in Mexico Decision Support System for the San Juan River Basin in Mexico The Bank has designated Climate Change as a strategic priority area and has been crafting an important portfolio of to olsa nd ey iss alpu to us Basi projects to help the countries of the hemisphere close the coverage gap in water and sanitation services. One of the k confronted bV water resources decision-makers Is appropriate tools for communication and interaction with the gener on water management issues. There is a knowledge gap in translating results from field and modeling investigations In centric information that can be used for conflict resolution and stakeholder engagement. The proposed San Juan River KCP Is a pilot project that focuses on the development and Implementation of this Interface to close this gap. All the simulations and the works needed for the model development in the San Juan River Basin will be done virtually from t h. Arizona,_ S. tate University campus (USA)
Effective start/end date3/15/125/31/13


  • Inter-American Development Bank: $100,000.00


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