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Decision Solver Machine Qualification Decision Solver The goal of this project is to develop a quantitative model for optimizing equipment qualification schedule as Intel manages production of multiple products in a single factory. Each product may require multiple steps of operations. The production steps performed by each machine are product and operation specific. A machine can be qualified for multiple product-operation pairs for better utilization and flexibility. The factory needs to determine a machine qualification schedule to minimize the expected delays in fulfilling internal demand within a given planning horizon. The project aims to deliver an efficient and usable tool for Intel, as well as research papers to be published in academic journals to contribute to the semiconductor industry in general. Literature on capacity planning problems has been vast and broad. Capacity planning models have been applied to many industries including both the manufacturing sector (e.g., semiconductor equipment planning) and the service sector (e.g., call-center staffing). However, we are not aware of any extant work that addresses the capacity decisions within this specific context.
Effective start/end date12/1/1212/31/14


  • SRCCO Inc.: $60,000.00


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