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Data and Technology Integration Support Data and Technology Integration Support The adidas-ASU Center for Engagement Science has access to a number of internal (ASU) educational programs that allows us to tap into the vast student talent pool. Most of these arrangements (eg. Capstone, Thesis work, volunteering etc.) are based on a reciprocity model: students work on certain projects (in this case applied research) in exchange for guidance, access to labs and tools and the opportunity in general to work on real world problems that would prepare them for the realities of their future careers. During the last year I have mentored two Capstone teams (4 Computer Science students each), one Masters project and a number of student volunteers. The topics of these projects were chosen to be relevant for the current state of the real world jobs (hot topics) as well as potentially useful for adidas (sometime the topics were chosen in collaboration with adidas). We have now reached the point when some of these groups/students have finalized their projects and are ready to move on with their careers. It would therefore make sense to start transferring the technology (mostly software) and data/knowledge generated during these projects to adidas and put it to work for various ongoing projects. Thus, we have identified the following items that are mature enough to be transferred to adidas: A tool for virtual sport activity analysis A collection of software tools that allow for specific analysis of video games in real or near real time A method for the identification and classification of sustainability drivers A number of remote bio-sensing capabilities
Effective start/end date2/8/217/31/21


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $24,524.00


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