Cy9 RATIR: The Reionization and Transients IR Camera: A High Z-GRB Search Machine

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Construction of the Reionization and Transients InfraRed (RATIR) camera - and the associated project to upgrade the 1.5m Telescope at San Pedro M\'artir Observatory to autonomous operations (RATTEL) - is now complete. Planned first light for this 6- color imaging system (SirzYJHS bands) occurred in Spring of 2012, and commissioning of the system is nearing completion at the time ofthis writing. RATIR will be dedicated to the foUowup and identification of high-red shift Swift GRBs for a period of2 years. Within 30s of receiving a Swift position, RATIR will detect optically faint afterglows in the IR and quickly alert the community to potential GRBs at Sz>6-10S. Here, we propose for commissioning and operations support to run the GRB photometric redshift program. In particular, we request funds for travel to the observatory and for graduate student salary support to develop the data taking software for RA TIR and to analyze RA TIR data.
Effective start/end date8/6/131/5/15


  • NASA: Goddard Space Flight Center: $97,000.00


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