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CTI iProject - Water Remediation in Retail Stores CTI iProject - Water Remediation in Retail Stores PetSmart operates approximately 1300 stores in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. In each location, we have a grooming salon and fish systems that consume a lot of water. In addition, we have 200 PetsHotels that also add to our consumption of water. In 2012, we used almost 900 Million gallons of water as a business. As a part of our Sustainability efforts we are looking for opportunities in our business to reduce the amount of water we use. We are interested in the concept of reclaiming some of the water we use in our stores for other reuse purposes. In our Reno NV Fish DC, we have a system which reuses some of the water for our fish systems. We are looking for an innovative solution where we can test a smaller system which has the capabilities of reusing some of the water we currently use in our stores in another way. To address this need the following task oriented objectives are proposed: 1. Select a representative PetSmart store 2. Assess the existing water footprint at the store and the operations, systems and processes engaged in generating the water footprint 3. Examine viable alternatives for water footprint reduction 4. Select the most viable alternative and develop an operations protocol 5. Conduct a cost/benefit analysis and extrapolate the findings to the entire PetSmart Store network. Deliverables: Successful completion of this iProject will result in preparation of a final report, containing (1) a water footprint analysis; (2) alternative operations protocol; and (3) a cost benefit analysis.
Effective start/end date8/15/125/31/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $6,000.00


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