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CTI iProject - Resistance Bar Training System CTI iProject - Resistance Bar Training System The Resistance bar training system was designed after discovering that a combination of resistance and strength training would reduce and in some cases eliminate tumors in cancer patients in addition to cancer prevention and recovery. The resistance bar is a weighted bar (that will be available in multiple weights) that has resistance bands attached by a ratchet system that will have to be designed. (The resistance bands will also change-out and will need to be available in multiple levels of strength) this ratchet system will allow the user to adjust the level of resistance (pounds of pressure). Statement of Work The system will also have hand grips that will read heart rate, pounds of pressureJresistance level, calories bumed and will function the same as a heart rate monitor. The bar will have a read-out screen that projects these readings. The system will also have a button on each side that will allow the user to press for a"quick-release" if they need to immediately loosen the resistance band. The system needs a functional prototype built that will be able to be used for market testing, acquiring a patent and utilities patent as well as present to potential investors or take to market.
Effective start/end date1/15/146/30/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $6,000.00


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