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CTI iProject - Prototype Pill Dispenser CTI iProject - Prototype Pill Dispenser INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND Two years ago my mother had cancer and was prescribed numerous medications. I found it very difficult to manage her medications using the standard weekly pill organizer which required sorting out her pills on a weekly basis and then putting the appropriate pills in individual compartments. The patent-pending personal pill dispenser PreciseMeds is for any individual that needs help managing their medications and/or vitamins. Unlike the most common method which uses a weekly pill organizer that consists of seven or fourteen compartments, which can be both dangerous and confusing when multiple medications are prescribed, PreciseMeds takes the hassle out of manually loading each compartment. The medication and dosage requirements are downloaded directly from the Pharmacy's database using a mobile application for precise scheduling. The medication is dispensed based on a pre-defined schedule that confirms the dosage requirements matchs the users pre-defined schedule. For example, if the prescription data read 3 times daily, then the user would be required to select all for the day of week, along with three time defaults. The user can set up to eight different time defaults with alarm options. Additional security includes alert messages to family members or caregivers when the dispense drawer has not been accessed within a certain timeframe. STATEMENT OF WORK The objective of this project is to create a proof of concept model for the pill dispenser and to confirm that it can accurately read the data received from the sponsor provided mobile software application. This model needs to include the deliverables as outlined below. The size of the proof of concept model should not be larger than 12 1/2"x 8 1/2" x 10". The pill dispenser currently has SolidWorks CAD drawings and physical components for a vacuum tube which will pick up the correct amount of pills and also the turntable for rotating the reservoirs. A design session will be required to determine the feasibility of designing a double decker turntable for holding fourteen reservoirs. A top loading reservoir will also be discussed. Please note that a minimum of 4-6 students at 6 hours weekly will be required for this project.
Effective start/end date8/27/135/31/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $6,000.00
  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $6,000.00


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