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CTI iProject - On Semiconductor iProjects 1-2 CTI iProject - On Semiconductor iProjects 1-2 Students - 4-6 students- 1-ME, 1-thermal modeler, and EE circuit/device, 1-EE modeler, 2-EE measurements Acquire various small signal, medium and high power devices, data sheets, and application notes Model- research into representative models for diodes and transistors Measure- IV, BV, DC gain, curve tracer, etc., LabView (construct curve tracer in LabView), HP 4145 or similar. Thermal behavior- driving devices with power sources, air, heat sinks, compute thermal loads, heat distributions, forced cooling, IR imaging, Theta Ja, Theta Jc, using ANSYS, SolidWorks and other resources. Compare all measured data to models, refine models, explain differences De-encapsulate devices (need access to lab and safety equipment/training) to observe after testing (force destruction of some parts?) and evaluate layout, die attach, optical microscopy, SEM if available, critique observations.
Effective start/end date8/20/135/31/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $6,000.00


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