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CTI iProject - E-commerce Solutions for Philanthropic Organization CTI iProject - E-commerce Solutions for Philanthropic Organization See attached overview for reference. is an e-commerce solution where donors can support the needs of high school clubs and sports. Clubs post their specific needs, donors shop for items that speak to them. Items are added to an online cart, donors make a 100% tax-deductible purchase and delivers the item directly to the club! After receiving the wish list item, the club continues the cycle of philanthropy by completing one hour of community service per member for every $100 worth of purchases. Our current site uses Shopify, an e-commerce hosted service. While we are able to support the basic needs and serve a small number of schools, it can only sustain us through Phoenix Union High School District. We have short term and long term plans to expand to other districts, cities, states and eventually be nationwide. We also plan to license the software to private schools to create a sustainable revenue model to support the non-profit program. We also have many steps in the process that are somewhat manual. We would like to automate these processes which will make the onboarding-purchasing-fulfillment lifecycle as streamlined as possible. This two-semester long project composed of a multidisciplinary team and will include students studying technology, programming, entrepreneurship, graphics, psychology, supply chain management and will be overseen by a faculty project manager at ASUs polytechnic campus. Fall Semester: The first step of this project will be brainstorming and setting the framework for the website and how each step of the process talks to the other steps.
Effective start/end date8/20/135/31/14


  • Support My Club: $6,000.00


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