CTI iProject - Boeing: SOW Project2 - Generic Multi-Touch Interface

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CTI iProject - Boeing: SOW Project2 - Generic Multi-Touch Interface CTI iProject - Boeing: SOW Project #2 - Generic Multi-Touch Interface There are a wide variety of touch-enabled information appliances today and many more under development, bound for the consumer market. Often the app developer must struggle with a rudimentary, vendor-supplied hardware driver that operates the touch interface. This requires the developer to spend time building code for routine gestures (e.g., pinch, zoom) rather than focusing on the app's core functionality. This iProject will research the future of touch and provide recommendations for app software designs and touch-based software architectures which are generic in the sense that they insulate the app from changes and evolution in touch technology. The goal is to establish a method for building apps which minimizes the amount of new work or rework needed to interface to a new touch appliance. The approach should be robust enough to reduce software maintenance costs when updates to vendor hardware and/or software are released. Finally the approach should enable rapid speed to market for an existing app that must be ported to a new device.
Effective start/end date9/20/135/31/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $6,000.00


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