CSR-DMSS SM: Dynamic Energy-Efficient Data Center Job Management

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CSR-DMSS SM: Dynamic Energy-Efficient Data Center Job Management CSR-DMSS, SM: Dynamic Energy-Efficient Data Center Job Management REU Supplement: CSR-DMSS, SM: Next-Generation Thermal-Aware, Energy-Efficient Resource Management for Data Centers The PI currently has CSR #0834797: titled Next-Generation Thermal-Aware, Energy-Efficient Resource Management for Data Centers. This proposal seeks REU supplemental funding for two undergraduate students to work on some appropriate research and development issues related to this project. This proposal seeks funding for two undergraduate students to work on specific software implementation issues related to expanding and integrating research from previous grants and projects. Specifically, the undergraduate students will work with graduate students and a post-doctorate researcher on designing, implementing and testing: - a distributed security software on wireless sensor nodes under the CT #0831544 grant, - a multi-hop routing protocol and a sensing & reporting application for the purposes of the CSR #0834797 - energy and performance optimizations on multicore platforms of o heavy-duty network applications (e.g. web proxy, web content transcoders), and o light-weight embedded network applications (e.g. web browsers and signal processing). The PI works on two other NSF projects, namely CSR #0649868 titled SGER--CSR/SMA: Thermal Aware Dynamic Resource Management for Datacenters and CSR #0196156 title Mobility Tolerant Adaptive Multicast Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks. The PI has a proven record on algorithm and protocol optimizations, as well as energy-aware system design. As part of these research projects, the PI has obtained PDAs, Laptops, several MICA 2 and TelosB motes and sensor boards, along with associated PC interface hardware and software (please see http://shamir.eas.asu.edu/~mcn for detailed equipment information and information related to the PIs NSF and other projects). These sensors and the software have been installed the PIs research lab and were used successfully for course projects related to CSE535 Mobile Computing (an Arizona State University regular graduate course designed and taught by the PI) and wireless sensor networks course (CSE591: Wireless Sensor Network and Ubiquitous Computing an experimental seminar course designed by PI). The PI also incorporated findings from the above grant awards in CSE420/598 Computer Architecture I and CSE520 Computer Architecture II, which included material on performance of multicore systems as well as identification and management of thermal effects in such systems. The PI also plans to incorporate the newly donated E7520/Xeon platforms for Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems courses. Since that time, additional development of wireless sensor protocols has been undertaken by the graduate student researchers in the lab. These resources will provide an excellent hands-on opportunity for these two undergraduate students to engage in research. These students will have continuous interaction with graduate students and the PI. They will be given the opportunity to implement novel mobility-tolerant and wireless ad hoc networking protocols and applications on these devices. The PI is committed to involving individuals from underrepresented groups in his research as well as prior record of research activities and teaching of undergraduate students. The PI is a co-PI of an on-going, highly successful, REU Supplement grant. Further evidence of this commitment to involving undergraduate students in research is the PIs publication record with undergraduate students.
Effective start/end date9/1/088/31/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $282,000.00


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