CREC (SRP) project: EV Battery Performance in the Desert Area

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CREC (SRP) project: EV Battery Performance in the Desert Area CREC (SRP) project: EV Battery Performance in the Desert Area Understanding of batteries in hot and dry climatic conditions is one of the critical parameters to ensure life of the plug-in hybrids and EVs in the desert area. SRPs continual support for evaluation of battery performance and reliability in such conditions is highly respected. In the past 3 years of research work in our lab at the Arizona State University - Polytechnic School we have been able to identify a relationship between the state of charge (SoC) as well as the state of health (SoH) of the batteries and the temperature as well as charge/discharge rates. We are now confident that our experience and facility can lead us to take up the next level on electric vehicle batteries. The major objective of the project is to analyze the battery life, cycle prediction method and evaluate the effect with various discharge rates when used as a hybrid powertrain mode at hot/dry weather like that in phoenix area. The Overall goal is to develop a database for EV Battery performance data with regenerative braking data for the desert area. One of the primary objectives is to evaluate Li-ion batteries, verify the optimal operating conditions of plug-in hybrid cars. We propose to use a set of experimental and simulation based analysis to provide the battery performance analysis and cycle life data comparing this data with the specifications from battery manufacturers (most likely from A123). The evaluation of the batteries will also incorporate opportunistic charging (whenever or wherever there is an access to charging before the batteries fully discharged) to simulate real world conditions. Our proposed approach with the combination of simulation and experimental testing will provide the battery performance analysis and cycle life data in the Phoenix operating conditions and will be compared with the specification from battery manufacturer. The specific objectives are: i) Analyze Li-ion battery life cycle prediction parameters (charge/discharge rate, temperature etc) using Arbin Battery testing system under typical duty cycle prevalent for the plug-in hybrids. ii) Development of duty cycle for Li-ion battery cycling with opportunity charging and the effect on the cycle life. iii) Analyze the battery life cycle prediction methods and evaluate the effects with various discharge rates and depth of discharge under hybrid powertrain application mode at hot/dry weather in Phoenix area.
Effective start/end date7/1/156/30/16


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